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Chapter Recognition

Recognition is about acknowledging contributions and accomplishments of members and the chapter. Recognition methods and events ensure all members know how important they are and build be built into every chapter project and activity. Recognition can be as simple as a heartfelt, face-to-face “thank you” or as elaborate as a formal banquet. Recognition has an important role in your membership campaign. Many students are motivated by the opportunity to earn recognition, and FCCLA offers plenty of ways for both individuals and chapters to be recognized. When recruiting new members, be sure to highlight their accomplishments.

Chapter of Merit

The Chapter of Merit Award recognizes chapters who demonstrate their involvement and participation in local, district, state, and national FCCLA activities. Chapters may earn the gold level, silver level, or bronze level based on the total activities completed in the membership year.

Chapter of Merit Rubric

Chapter of Merit Submission

FCCLA offers eight peer-to-peer educational programs to help students develop real world skills for life within Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. Each National Program is designed to be integrated into the FCS classroom to help reinforce lessons with opportunities for hands-on practice. Chapters may receive recognition for their participation in these projects and be highlights at the State Leadership Conference.

Chapters may apply to showcase their hard work and innovative National Program projects. First place chapter winners may be honored with cash awards and special recognition at the State Leadership Conference.

The Spirit stick recognizes the chapter that has the largest involvement in the state service project. Chapters gain points for the following activities:

  • Community service hours

  • Environment based projects

  • National Program projects

  • Partnering with other student organizations

  • Partnering with community-based organizations

  • Each newspaper publication

  • Each social media post (#COFCCLA)

The chapter with the most points compared to affiliated members will be award the Spirit Stick at the 2024 State Leadership Conference.

The Go For the Red Membership Awards recognize one middle school and one high school chapter that has the largest numerical increase in membership and one middle school and one high school chapter that has the largest percent increase in membership for that given year from each of the following divisions:

  • Middle School

  • High School

Chapters must be nationally affiliated by February 15, 2024 in order to be considered for these awards. All comparison data will be taken from the February 15, 2023 data. Comparison of data will be conducted by the State Adviser and verified by the Colorado FACS Program Director and another Colorado Career and Technical Education Employee.

Ultimate Image Award

The Colorado Ultimate Image Award recognizes the chapter attending the 2024 State Leadership Conference that exemplifies the following leadership qualities:

  • Professional Attire

  • Exceptional Manners

  • Active Participation

  • Positive Attitude

  • Representation of FCCLA Brand

The Media Team, Alumni & Associates Board, and Youth Expo vendors will determine which chapter best represents the Ultimate FCCLA image at the 2024 State Leadership Conference.

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