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STAR Events

Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events are Competitive Events in which members compete at the regional/district, state, and national levels. Students are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. STAR Events allow students to compete individually or as a 

team. There are more than 30 STAR Events students can choose to compete in, all of which recognize participants who demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to actively identify an issue concerning families, careers, or communities, research the topic, and develop and implement a project to advocate for positive change.

STAR Event Resources

Not sure which STAR Event is for you? The following quiz can help you narrow down your choices. Be sure to ask your chapter adviser for the STAR Event guidelines and discuss any eligibility criteria before making your final decision!

STAR Events offer individual skill development and application of learning through the following activities:

  • Cooperative - teams work to accomplish specific goals

  • Individualized - an individual member works alone to accomplish specific goals

  • Competitive - individual or team performance is measured by an established set of criteria

Which STAR Event is for You? Quiz


The Online Project Summary Form is available on the "Surveys" tab of the FCCLA Adviser and Student Portals. Only one submission per entry (team or individual) is required and must be completed before the first competition. 

Email with any questions.


FCCLA Planning Process Summary Page Template

FCCLA Planning Process Summary Page Template

FCCLA Quick Reference Citation Chart

Email with any STAR Event questions.

Online STAR Events

FCCLA offers three online STAR Events focused on integrating Family and Consumer Science (FCS) content through digital delivery. The following events also have an online preliminary round of competition at the national level.

Chapter advisers must register member entries by February 1 in the FCCLA Portal under the Meetings & Event tab to compete in the preliminary competition round.

The fee per participant is $20. During registration, active project URLs must be provided, and all projects must be ready for evaluation at that time. The chapter’s responsibility is to ensure that all project content is public and/or available to anyone with the link. FCCLA will not be reviewing the accessibility of individual project components.

The top 15 entries in each event and level will qualify to compete at the National Leadership Conference.

Contact to clarify any questions regarding these events.

Online STAR Events National Qualifiers

Click here to view the 2022-2023 Online STAR Events National Qualifiers. 

Online STAR Events

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